Often the first step when relocating to a country for work is assessing the country’s immigration processes. Early assessment reduces stress and facilitates knowledge based decisions.  Although Denmark’s immigration rules and regulations are transparent compared to other EU countries, the process can be long if mistakes are made. Danish immigration authorities are also known to be thorough and compliance is non-negotiable.  The experienced immigration specialists at Copenhagen Relocations council appropriate migration options, define time lines, obtain necessary needed documents and provide next steps to help you achieve your goals.    

Keeping your personal information confidential and safeguarded is equally as important as compliance. Copenhagen Relocations adheres to strict laws and internal protocols to protect personal information.

Our immigration service solutions cover all aspects of immigration for both EU and NON EU nationals. How can we help you?



Copenhagen Relocations has more than 60 years of combined immigration experience. We are passionate about immigration and keeping you updated on current laws and immigration trends. We are confident in explaining the Danish immigration process, as well as providing the ‘next steps’- keeping you compliant and ahead of the game.

Step by step, proactive, on the ground support is provided with a smile.  The Copenhagen Relocations team is good at understanding complicated immigration processes, having worked on both sides of the immigration counter – at the Danish immigration authority and as an applicant. This inside knowledge finds credible solutions that save you time and money.  Documents are prepared, government fees are paid and applications are submitted daily. We care about keeping you compliant in Denmark and welcome complex scenarios. Let us lighten your immigration load.

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